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blender3d's Journal

An Unofficial Blender 3D Community
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This community is devoted to Blender, a free(GPL'ed, now) 3d modelling, animation, and video game tool. It's a place to post images, scripts, videos, tips and tricks.

This community is maintained(or should be being maintained ;p) by guberif. A brief note from me:

I'm not much of a Blender artist or a digital artist at this point in my life, though I'd like to be. I'm personally interested in Blender because I've seen some of the products of its use, and I'm interested in the programming/scripting aspects of this cool tool. I'd like to see lots of cool art and applications of Blender here. If you have anything that you feel should be added to the community, please drop me a line. It'd be nice to have this community be an excellent reference for anybody using this tool.

A second note: I've received permission to use this blender logo for this community. The Blender Foundation in no way endorses this community as an official Blender website or is in any way, shape, or form responsible for or associated with content that appears here.