Gollier (gollier) wrote in blender3d,

Collision detection?

I am so fickle with my personal projects: I'm now setting out to make a 3D game. Chances are it won't happen, but it's something I want to put work into. Anyway.

I'm doing the work in Blender 3D (ver. 2.49b), and I've already got some basic stuff figured out on my own: animated movement, trained camera, movement, etc. Now, I'm trying to tackle collision detection. Specifically, I'm trying to make a system where two people can hit each other and the collision knocks them both back.

So far, I have a tiny cube with an idle and punching animation. I have another cube that's essentially there to get punched. The character cube can move in any direction.

Here is essentially my problem: I have no idea how I would go about making the punching animation actually move the character you're punching away from the blow. Making the character lose health and die is straightforward enough, but that one bit is driving me up the wall.

It might just be that this is something I need to work with Python or a physics engine to accomplish, and I can understand that. Still, I have the strangest feeling that I'm missing something obvious.

Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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