fimp (fimp) wrote in blender3d,

The $1000 Seastead Design Contest

Hello Blenders,

Thanks for letting me post a bit of info about the $1000 3-D modeling contest we at the The Seasteading Institute (TSI) have just kicked off. It is a chance for you to design something quite unusual. An excerpt from the contest description:

"The Seasteading Institute (TSI) is looking for creative and talented designers to construct a seastead using 3-D modeling software. A seastead is a floating platform that allows people to permanently settle the ocean as they do land. Professional naval engineers have already designed a bare platform. What you build on the platform is up to you. It may be a hospital, a casino, a residential community, a cricket stadium, or something entirely different. Be creative!

Winning designs will be rewarded with cash prizes up to $1000, be featured on the TSI website, in our press materials (we’ve already been featured in Wired and on Slashdot), and on our merchandise."

The deadline is May 1st, 2009.

For a detailed list of prizes and official rules, please see:

Contact if you have questions.

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