maskedretriever (maskedretriever) wrote in blender3d,

Blender Sequence Editor: MIXDOWN

So I started using Blender for video editing around the time I got my hands on Pencil. Blender turns out to be really amazingly quick to use for stringing image files into video clips, and has audio support and tons of features I haven't even learned how to use yet. (Blender's like that.)

However, when it comes to spitting out the final product, I run into one of the things Blender doesn't have: integrated audio/video output. When you save video in Blender, you don't get sound. To get the sound out of a video, you have to go to the sound buttons and hit MIXDOWN and a .wav file is spat out, which can then be combined with the video for a finished product, and provided you synch the two correctly, all your settings and delays and crossfades are preserved.

Trouble is, the only tool I currently have to do this is Windows Movie Maker, and this is overkill and also slow. Anyone else got a better tool for merging audio and video from Blender?
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