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Shapeways Contest Announcement - Top 10 3D Artists Featured at SIGGRAPH!

I thought 3D artists here might be interested in Shapeways new contest!

TOP 10 FINALISTS Featured at SIGGRAPH (August 11-15th 2008, Los Angeles,USA) and; GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected by Shapeways Community Online and WIN $500.00 SHAPEWAYS PRODUCT CERTIFICATE!


WHAT:             The Challenge - Create the hottest 3D object to 'bring into reality' for   SIGGRAPH.  Shapeways,  a leading global community for 3D co-creation and  production, invites 3D artists to submit their hottest objects to be produced     into physical tangible products by and showcased at  SIGGRAPH 2008.

WHEN:           Submissions Accepted: July 29, 2008 - August  7, 2008

                        Top 10 Finalists ANNOUNCED: August 11, 2008

                        Shapeways Community Voting: August 11 - 14, 2008

                        Grand Prize Winner ANNOUNCED: August 15, 2008

HOW:               Between July 29, 2008 through August 7, 2008:

                        Go to Shapeways Account:

                        1. Upload Object Design (STL, Collada, X3D)
                        2. Upload a rendering representing the finalized object
                        3. Enter the tag “SIGGRAPHContest”

                         (Users Can Sign-up For Shapeways BETA at   with BETA code: ContestSiggraph)

WHO:  Shapeways, a leading global community for 3D co-creation and production, is  the first online platform to harness the power of a global network of 3D   production service partners to ensure cost-efficient, reliable manufacturing and order fulfillment of 3D designs starting with custom 3D printing.  Shapeways, passionate about creating.
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