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 Hello, I just joined. I'm hoping this community will give me education and inspiration for Blender. I really want to get a Masters in Animation (currently going to school for a B.A in Graphic Design and music). I really want to work for Pixar within 10-20 years after I graduate. So we'll see  how this goes. I'm hoping that by learning Blender, it'll help me work with 3d animation and learn more about animation in general. I've taken a couple of animation classes in high school that used the stop-frame method. It was a little sloppy due to not having enough time to complete it =( 
But I really am determined to learn anything and everything about animation.
So, my question is, what are your tips for animating a character? With blender and what tutorials are the best to use? I'm currently on a laptop if this information is needed for anything. 

Thanks a bunch and I am thrilled to have found this community!!!
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